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Here is a complete list of articles with illustrations to provide valuable information on the year round care of your lawn. Includes tips and guides on keeping your lawn green, healthy and weed free. Also pointers regarding care of shrubs, handling insects and more!


You receive special care from each of our Technicians. 

Whenever possible, the same technician is assigned to give continuing service to your area, allowing him to become familiar with your lawn and your needs. Special problems are handled by experienced experts

Our lawn care staffers are "Licensed Technicians" or "Licensed Exterminators", licensed by the Ministry of the Environment (M.O.E.) They regularly attend seminars in order to keep abreast of the latest advances in lawn care as well as environmental issues, including keeping up to date on organic treatment alternatives.

All our technicians are thoroughly trained in customer service. Our technicians will take the time to do your job properly, to answer your questions and to always keep an eye on your lawn. If they are unable to help with your problem, one of our Senior Lawn Care Consultants will visit your lawn and review your situation.

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We have hundreds of satisfied clients throughout our serviced area.

  • Many clients continuing for 12-25 years

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Join the many satisfied lawn care customers of Turf King Hamilton- The King of Green.

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