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Turf King Hamilton takes pride in providing superior customer satisfaction. You must be fully satisfied with the results of our service; if not, contact us within 30 days and we will work with you to make it right. You can be assured that we are never satisfied until you are.

No two lawns are the same - even lawns on the same block in your neighbourhood

Getting your lawn in shape will take time. Patience is important. Depending on the condition you give your lawn to us, and the level of care you contribute, it can easily take more than 1 year to get a problem lawn back into shape.

No Lawn Care company can promise a completely Weed-Free or Insect-Free lawn, however with proper mowing, watering, and partnership with Turf King each season, we’ll be able to reduce your weeds & achieve a THICK GREEN & HEALTHY LAWN GUARANTEED!
Total weed, crabgrass or insect control is neither reasonable nor practical to expect under new laws. We won't make promises that we cannot keep.

see Weed Expectations

Note: The only time your guarantee will not apply is if:

  • Your account is not kept in good standing.
  • You do not follow your Turf King Hamilton Lawn Ecologist's recommendations provided on each visit.

(It is most critical that the lawn is mowed at least once a week & that our watering instructions are followed routinely throughout the season).

If you do not follow our directions and Lawn Ecologists advice that sometimes include purchasing necessary services like overseeding or chinch bug or grub treatments to proactively combat or prevent pests or pest damage. Applications may require several visits and does not guarantee 100% control; pest or animal damage may still occur even with treatments.

Limit of Liability: Pest applications are not preventative and are subject to proper and timely care. Limit of liability is only to re-apply the last applicable application.

Program services may be altered or substituted to comply with provincial regulations and developments in organic & traditional technologies that provide for more effective control. Management is defined as the holistic processes employed to control the incidence and numbers of weeds & turf damaging pests in order to promote a thicker, healthier and greener lawn.

NOTE- Fiesta iron products may stain concrete, asphalt, decks and fences. We do our best to keep it off any paving or structures, but sometimes weeds are more prevalent at the edges of lawns. Technicians will use their best judgement to do the best in managing weeds while minimizing iron stains on structures or paving.

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