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Grass seed:  We are looking at a new grass seed supplier. We were discussing the different mixes. We wanted to make sure that the new mix included some endophytic perennial rye grass seed.

What does "endophytic" mean for the lawn? Endophytic grasses reduce the presence of chinch bugs and other lawn pests. They contain materials that are either toxic to the insects or that cause the pests to avoid these plants. Perennial rye grasses have been developed to reduce the chances of insect damage. Never use endophytic lawn grasses in pasture areas as the endophytic grasses are harmful to horse and cattle. Our mix uses a "turf-type" perennial rye grass. This designation is to distinguish between fine textured varieties that are suitable for lawn use from those varieties that have coarse, unsightly leaf blades.

Mixes with annual rye grass are generally not recommended. The annual rye grass is useful in some situations as it germinates rapidly. However, it is not long-lived. Generally, turf-type perennial rye grasses will do the same job of germinating quickly, thus providing some cover and protection for the slower germinating grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass.


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