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The Holiday season has quietly slipped out the back door and it's back to the ongoing task of preparing for the next lawn care season. Even though the grass is covered with a white woolly blanket of snow, it's time to prepare for getting ready for next year, (sorry strike that out, it is next year).
Southern Ontario has had a fair sprinkling of fresh snow in the last few days. And although they are predicting a couple of days of extremely cold nights, the forecast is also calling for temperatures to rise to 10 degrees early next week.
The old body is trying to keep healthy in spite of the ups and downs of the thermometer, the wind chill factors and the depth of the snow. And the snow shovel goes up and down or maybe back and forth. The old ticker's heart rate also goes up when the shovelling is tough and slows down when the arms need to rest. All this exertion can lead to seasonal colds and flu's which in turn often turn into coughing and sneezing.

Some of our competitors will be on the phone soon, calling and bothering homeowners about their lawns. Turf King Hamilton does not telemarket the general public.  Your privacy and respect are important to us. We want to treat you as we would like to be treated - and we don't like to be called by telemarketers at suppertime.

Last month the CRTC announced that Bell will administer the Do-Not-Call list for Canada . While this list was announced a while ago, the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly but things should be in place by next fall.

In the meantime, if someone does call you, and you want a second opinion on your lawn, please give us a call.


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