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It's amazing how garden paths can meander through the trees and flowers. Views and perspectives change as you move down the trail. Around the corner, a new vista greets you. As time passes, the garden changes. First there is the seasonal change, winter changes into spring with its many blossoms and blooms. Summer bursts upon you with sudden heat. Then fall slowly creeps up with its array of autumn colours.


Time moves along and the small sapling becomes a stout tree that matures into a giant oak or maple dominating all around it.


Sometimes those paths return to the same place with a different view or at a later time (time of day, time of year, or a number of years later).


Crossed paths with Ann yesterday. Her mother is in the Nursing Home where my wife Rosemary is the administrator. Ann used to work for us at Oriental Garden Gallery - back in the springtime of my life. Was that the late 80’s? Yeah, it was still spring. I think it's still spring! I have always thought I was into spring ( "spring chicken" notwithstanding.)


Ann and her husband Bob are into Irises in a big small way. They grow and sell award-winning iris varieties.

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