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Weeds Taking Over? Your Patio Walk Drive?

 Invasive weeds are not only unsightly, but can also damage your interlock and other hard surfaces.

 Protect your investment with our new HARD SURFACE WEED CONTROL. When we are at your site with your lawn care treatments, we will spot spray using our PaWaD all natural non-selective weed control.

 PaWaD Vegetation Treatment manages unwanted and nuisance vegetation in and around your Patio, Walks and Driveway. This is performed in an economical, expeditious, and environmentally conscious process with an approved product that is 100% NATURAL.

PaWaD = Patio, Walks, Drives


Patios, Walkways or Driveways that have unwanted weeds or grasses growing uncontrollably.  

 WHEN? Turf King offers a season long program PaWaD -Hard Surface Vegetation Control that allows our specialists to treat all hard surfaces at your property at the same time as your lawn care visits. Weeds and weed grasses are a nuisance whose seeds sneak into cracks and crevices in interlocking stone pathways or cracks in driveways.  Our sprays target the leafy tissues with a 100% natural product that kills back the plant. (This does not include garden areas as the proximity to sensitive plants and the risk of injury is too great.)

 BENEFITS Eliminates vegetation above ground and with repeated applications will kill the root systems.  Please note that new plants may grow back from seeds and roots if cracks in pavement or interlock are not repaired, sanded and/or sealed properly.

 PROCESS Spray treatment by a Turf King Plant Health Specialist to target areas. 4 treatments per season.

Patio Weeds 

Young weeds after treatment

Vegetation Control in Asphalt

PRICE Individual visits starting at $68.00 (per application HST Included). Program of up to 4 treatments starting at $137.00* (HST included) are available for season-long control. (up to 1,000 sq ft) Interlock, Gravel surfaces or very weedy conditions  may cost more

*When ordered in conjunction with a 304 or 404 program

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