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What is Potassium? Potassium is a chemical element. It has the symbol "K" (Kalium).The name "potassium" comes from the word "potash", as potassium was first isolated from potash. Potassium is a soft silvery-white metallic substance.

What is the role of Potassium in plant Nutrition?

It is essential in plant growth, and has the third number on a bag of fertilizer. Plants use it in great quantity, second only to nitrogen, which has the first number.

  • Potassium plays important roles in enhancing turfgrass stress tolerance (i.e., drought, heat, cold, wear, disease.)
  • Potassium helps build in winter hardiness. It helps the grass withstand the cold of winter.
  • Potassium increases tolerance to moisture stress by reducing transpiration (loss of water through the blades). Grass needs less water when it has enough potassium.
  • Potassium increases the lawn' durability under use. It strengthens leaf blades, enabling grass to recover from heavy foot traffic and stress.
  • Potassium increases plant re-growth vigour.
  • Potassium improves disease resistance.
  • Potassium helps Nitrogen to produce the deep green colour associated with healthy turf.
  • Potassium helps plants to withstand insect attacks.

Many of the soil tests we have done on lawn soils in this area have shown the soils to be deficient in Potassium. Although our Turf King fertilizer is higher than most other brands in its Potassium content, extra Potassium may be helpful in increasing the health of your lawn.

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